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Whether it be for Tinder, your website, LinkedIn, Facebook, some headshots, or just the family group chat, it's always good to have updated and current photos of yourself or your staff. 


Let's pick a location and time that suits you or your team, decide on the atmosphere and desired outcomes of these photos, and work together to create some images you can use for years to come.


Personal, professional, big, small, or anything in between. If you or your team are throwing or hosting an event that should be captured, I'm the event photographer for you. 


Having shot event for universities, large organisation, parties, and family events, there's no event I can't capture. 




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If you try to look for a photo of you and your partner that wasn't a selfie, how many do you think you'd have in total? Thought so. 

Couple shoots are a great way to capture a moment in time where the two of you focus on nothing but each other. 

Birthdays, engagements, proposals, or any fun reason at all, I'll be here to capture photos that the two of you can cherish for years to come. 

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If a picture tells a thousand words, then a video can easily tell your story from start to finish. 


I shoot anything from fashion videos to day trips, small personal projects to large scale branding videos.


Film is such an effective way of grabbing and holding an audience's attention. Let's grab a coffee and talk about what story of yours we want to tell.

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I also have a Photography